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This page is about you, not us.

Most training companies waste their 'About Us' page with fluff and empty promises.

They'll boast about how their culture is different, how their vision is unique, or how they cultivate synergy.

In other words, most 'About Us' pages are boring and provide almost no useful information.

We're different, we want to show you how we can help you, no matter what stage you're at in your career or business.

If you can relate to any of the below people, we can help you.

And don't forget to take a look at our case studies page, to see how we've transformed businesses just like yours!

David - Business Reboot

David has been running his business for a number of years now, but things have stagnated. Leads used to come thick and fast, and sales were always supercharged. But the ever-changing landscape of trades marketing, and increasing customer scepticism, along with the rise of the dreaded "HI Pages" and "Airtasker" mean that average ticket sales are down, and so is company morale.

David is looking to kick-start his business again, and refresh his business processes to make jobs more profitable, and boost the energy in his business overall.

Cameron - Sales Technician

Cameron is a great salesman. He's worked his way up in his career and plans to keep climbing the ladder to take on more responsibility and earn more. He's determined and a real workhorse, but sometimes, for no apparent reason, his sales dip and take a while to recover. It seems like a few bad customers can turn a great month into a month where sales targets are looking impossible to achieve.

Cameron knows that his positive, outgoing, confident attitude towards selling is helping but he wants a solid framework to help him through the hard times, and he wants consistently sell more to increase his earnings and further work his way up.

Andrew - Growing Pains

Andrew's business is booming. He started up a couple of years ago, with nothing more than a solid work ethic and a single truck. Andrew has grown naturally and has a couple of utes on the road but from time to time the wheels fall off due to not having any real structure for his team to follow, his customer service and quality work have ensured he's getting lots of customers, whilst not having to spend a great deal on marketing. But now it's time to scale up. Andrew thinks big and wants to get a few more trucks on the road to build an empire, but it's his plumbing mind, not his business mind that has got him where he is now.

Right now, Andrew needs to learn proven business processes to ensure the growth of his business is sustainable, and that he stays on track to achieve his goals.

Steven - Large Business

Steven has built an impressive business. He has a fleet of utes, and he is continuously looking at new ways to motivate and inspire his staff. They all have sales targets and clear job descriptions. They even do some training from time to time; they just need a little bit of extra external training to really get them humming.

Steven’s team need a little extra from an external voice to get their morale and results back up to where they belong.