10 Marketing Tactics for Maintenance Tradies

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May 20, 2021

Marketing is one of the most common terms you will hear in any business, however, there are times when people misuse the term. To put it simply, marketing is a way of adding value to a product or service and communicating it well to the right audience for them to be able to consider what you are offering. 

Commonly, people would interchange marketing and sales, but they are two different things. Sales’ focal point is the process of earning a profit while marketing is more focused on values that a product or service can offer and the manner of how to present it or get the message across effectively.

That being said, here are 10 marketing strategies maintenance tradies can use to boost their sales: 


  • Printed collateral

Printed marketing collaterals are part of below-the-line advertising. It is basically marketing paraphernalia that is printed to be used in making your brand known. Basic examples are billboards, newspaper ads, banners, flyers, and leaflets. These strategies can be used to engage potential clients outside your existing database and grow brand awareness by giving people a better idea of who you are, what you do, and how to contact you in case of need. 


  • Community Groups and Events

Joining community groups and events, especially trade shows and local festivals, can easily boost up your brand’s popularity and make it known to the locals. For trade shows, joining events like this means that the target audience will be the ones who will come and get to know your products and services. When volunteering for community groups’ events, it means that you will render your service or a bit of business coaching free of charge but in exchange, you will be immersed in these communities and increase brand awareness.


  • Social Media Marketing (Organic)

Social Media Marketing may seem easy especially for young marketing professionals. However, there are several things you should consider before launching a campaign on this platform. For organic social  media marketing (SMM), a post or series of posts must be directed at the right target audience. Think about content that will interest your audience, such as reviews and testimonials, DIY tips, and before and after job posts. Metrics such as number of page likes, time when your audience is most active, and which type of posts they engage can also be identified to help you better target your ideal customer. 


  • Social Media Marketing (Paid)

Paid Social Media Marketing is basically the same as the organic SMM, the difference here is marketers pay for the intelligence and algorithm of a social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to reach more audience and get more leads. This way, you can either build your own audience and test them using your campaign or copy the audience of your competitors. Common examples here include Facebook ads or sponsored posts on Instagram or Facebook.


  • Sports Team Sponsorship

Australia, being a sports-loving country, can offer a great opportunity for you to add sports team sponsorship into your marketing strategies. You can choose from a wide array of sports that may be of interest to your target market (who may spectate or participate) from basketball, to cricket, to soccer or rugby. Consider a sponsorship with a local sporting team to increase community engagement with your brand. However, make sure that you only engage in sponsorships that make sense for your business, for example, you should sponsor a kids’ sports training team if you are targeting parents in your marketing strategy. 


  • Joining Online Communities

In a service-oriented industry like maintenance trading, clients can easily come and go so finding a replacement for these clients should be part of a maintenance trades business. By joining groups related to your maintenance trades business, or related to your target market, such as local community groups on Facebook, it will be easier to answer random inquiries and potentially gain new business.


  • Referral Promotions

Referral promotion is almost the same as the idea of price promotion but the difference here is it is a more subtle marketing tactic. With referral promotion, it is easier to communicate the idea of win-win situations; it will not look as if the business is desperate for clients because smart clients may see price promotion in that way. How does it work? Your client will refer another client in exchange for a discount, free repair, cash, or whatever you can give as an incentive for a referral. 


  • Service Directories

Get your business listed in several national and local service directories such Yellow Pages, service.com.au, or www.servicesdirectory.org.au. This way, your clients can easily find your contact information to reach you and eventually engage your services. It is also a form of soft selling wherein potential clients might come across your business name without actually looking for it and it can lead to brand retention in case they might need your services in the future. 


  • Email marketing

Email marketing is another digital marketing strategy like social media marketing, website, and Adwords. This can be helpful for businesses with a high number of generated leads because it can be used to end thousands of emails in a given period of time to communicate the updates that your business has such as price promotions, new services, seasonal updates, and more.


  • Content Marketing

In this digital age of marketing, content marketing became a vital part of marketing plans. Uniquely positioned content can go viral with proper execution and it can even reach a wider audience when paired with paid SMM and SEM. Content marketing includes content writing like blogs, copywriting for social media posts, and video content. 



TradesFormation hopes that you can mix these marketing strategies and tactics to your marketing plans to have higher sales and revenue, tradies! Sign up for tradie training with us for further improvement of your business.

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