3 Effective Prospecting Methods

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TradesFormation Team

December 10, 2021

Prospecting takes a huge chunk of a tradies time. Competition in the market is very tight with numerous tradies offering similar services, so being consistent in prospecting is essential. Being quick to prospect is also one of the keys to onboarding a client or at least getting them interested in your services.  

The question now is, do you know how and where to prospect? Below is a list of three ways to effectively prospect to clients.

1. Start with people you know

One of the biggest hurdles is starting the prospecting process. With limited knowledge on how to properly prospect, it can be daunting and overwhelming. So as a business coaching company we often recommend starting by offering services to people you know. People like your family, friends, or old acquaintances can help you to jumpstart your trades business and lead to a wider and better network of clients.

These people don’t have to immediately try the services you are offering, but it is helpful to get your name out there. They may recommend you to others they know. Because people you know can not only recommend your services, but also your character. This can often lead to more solid leads. 

2. Launch a referral program

The referral program is a marketing strategy that aims to prospect or bring in more clients to try the services of the business. The referral is commonly being done by previous or current clients who had great experiences with your services. In most cases, you’ll offer additional services or discounts to clients who refer your business/services to other people.

When launching a referral program, tradies should know how much budget they can allocate to this activity and how long they will run it. This activity can be costly when not planned and monitored tightly, but it can be awesome if done right. 

3. Use the Internet

The internet opens your business to a whole new market and you can gather information for databases. There are different platforms where you can prospect new clients for different sets of markets. For instance, social media is used in prospecting B2C markets while LinkedIn is used in finding professionals and B2B markets. Also through the internet you can set up instant messaging so that clients can instantly get in touch with you. 

Did the list provide you with additional knowledge about prospecting? If you want to know more, be part of TradesFormation’s business coaching and sales coaching programs. We have courses designed specifically for tradies that will help you manage and grow your business prospecting. Over the years of being a business coaching and consulting company, we have helped many tradies improve their sales and expand their businesses to greater heights. Recently, we’ve launched our prospecting services for online clients. 

If you want to know more about our business coaching and prospecting services, call us at 0480 009 598 or send us an email at tradesformation.com.au.

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