5 Digital Marketing Tips for Plumbing and HVAC Contractors

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January 18, 2022

Plumbers, HVAC contractors and other tradies have relied on traditional marketing strategies over the last couple of years. As a result, they have greatly suffered in promoting their businesses because of pandemic protocols.  

In 2020, COVID-19 shocked the world with how strong the virus is. Scientists and health care workers struggled to contain the virus resulting in global lockdown. The abrupt decision to lockdown and close borders to non-essential travellers affected many businesses no matter their industry, including us at TradesFormation. Now in 2022, with the discovery of a new variant of the COVID-19 virus, lockdowns are being imposed once again. The service industry where plumbers and HVAC contractors belong is scrambling to find ways to deliver their services as well as to market their businesses to locals effectively. 

With all the uncertainty, one thing is sure, Digital Marketing can greatly help plumbers to market their businesses. With the use of technology ever increasing, traditional marketing has needed to adapt to a digital world, using the internet to its advantage when advertising. It makes promoting your business much more effective in a lockdown environment, reaching more people than you would using traditional means. To help get you started today, I have listed down five tips to succeed in Digital Marketing.  

1. Learn the KPIs

In digital marketing, understanding metrics and interpreting data gathered is the foundation to successful marketing. Each platform has its own metrics or key performance indicators (KPIs), but there are also similarities such as traffic, click rate, and conversion rate. These KPIs are important for plumbers and HVAC contractors to know because they aren’t able to be determined through their delivery of the job. Furthermore, if you plan to do paid ads online to boost your SEO activities these KPIs are critical.

As a business coach, I teach my clients to love and enjoy the process of data gathering because it is the key to a successful campaign. This data will guide your team to create campaigns and ensure that money and effort invested in launching it will be worth it. 

2. Integrate Social Media Platforms

Digital marketing uses a combination of different platforms. It involves the company’s website mainly for SEO purposes, its email marketing activities, and social media campaigns. As a plumber myself, I understand that the technicalities of managing a website or creating email marketing campaigns are difficult. SEO is a highly technical aspect of digital marketing that only experts can successfully manage. However, social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube are very straightforward that plumbers and HVAC contractors who are not tech-savvy will benefit from. We go to social media for personal use almost every day, and it isn’t different when using it for your plumbing business. Knowing the basics such as posting relevant content, engaging through reaction buttons, comments, stories, and shares, and replying to messages will significantly impact your business’ awareness online. 

3. Create Relevant Content

As I have mentioned above, the relevance of your content is vital to make digital marketing activities successful. It doesn’t matter which platform you are focusing on because every platform needs relevant and meaningful content for the audience to like and engage in. The content also serves as a sales driver for your plumbing business. 

Having well-crafted content will make your social media, website, or email campaigns more engaging to your audience. The messaging should resonate with them to get your desired reaction. For example, if you want to feel excited about an upcoming promo or contest, make sure that there is an element of suspense in each post or use words that will elicit such a reaction.  

4. Create and stick to your Digital Marketing Calendar

A marketing calendar is an essential part of any marketing activity. It will make you accountable for the tasks that need to be done to achieve the business’s success in the digital world. I know that the daily tasks of a plumber or HVAC contractor are very demanding, so to make things more efficient it is best to have a calendar for digital marketing activities. It will keep track of the contents that need to be created, approved, and published on different digital marketing platforms. As a business coach, I need to impart to my clients the importance of accountability because it will make them responsible not only for marketing but also for the whole business operation. 

5. Do not be afraid to spend

When it comes to digital marketing, spending hundreds or thousands of dollars is common, especially if you are new to the platforms. It is the same when you first open your business, investing in traditional marketing activities like print ads, flyering, and joining trades shows. The main difference is that in digital marketing, there is no physical interaction involved which not only complies with the COVID-19 lockdown environment but also saves you a lot of time and resources. 

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