5 Reasons Digital Marketing Helps Plumbers and HVAC Contractors

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January 25, 2022

In the previous article, I discussed tips on making digital marketing strategies effective and successful for plumbers and HVAC contractors like yourself. In this article, you will learn the importance of digital marketing to your business. I will reveal how digital marketing helps grow your business using various digital tools. As business owners, we all want to know what the results will be or the effects of our investments on our businesses, and that’s exactly what you will read in this article.

Digital marketing, just like any business activity, is an investment. We allot a budget for the strategies to work and succeed. That’s why you should know what the results will be when you invest your hard-earned money in this type of marketing. Below are the key parameters or measures of success you should be aware of regarding digital marketing. 

  1. Become more competitive

The emergence of digital marketing tools and platforms has made the market, especially in the service industry, more competitive. In the maintenance trades industry, where plumbers and HVAC contractors belong, the competition among similar businesses is also very stiff. There are a lot of competitors providing the same set of services to a small number of people, so it is crucial to differentiate your company from the rest. One way to cut through the masses is to go digital. Though it is a competitive world, the room for creativity and opportunity to create a strong brand identity is a lot bigger. 

When done correctly, businesses gain a competitive advantage over the others who haven’t gotten their voice in the digital landscape. By being digitally active, you can compete more effectively by boosting your awareness, becoming more recognisable, and establishing your business as an authority figure.

  1. Generate leads

With COVID-19 still running rampant, generating leads the traditional way such as joining trades shows is almost impossible due to the restrictions in physical gatherings. However, through digital marketing, plumbers and HVAC contractors can still generate leads without leaving their offices or headquarters.

Digital marketing platforms such as business websites and social media profiles, especially LinkedIn, can greatly help in generating leads online. Those platforms are designed to connect with like-minded individuals within the professional domain. Inquiries from these platforms contain valuable information about your potential clients which you can use as primary research in other marketing activities such as content creation and branding.

  1. Communicate better with the audience

In any business, big or small, branding and content creation are two important factors to make the business successful. With internet use increasing every year, digital marketing is invaluable in businesses communicating effectively with their audiences. I know how important it is for plumbers, HVAC contractors, and other tradesmen to be able to respond to their clients’ queries as soon as possible. Through platforms like social media, tradesmen can instantly engage their clients and give them real-time updates on their questions.

Digital Marketing platforms are also capable of establishing brand identity by producing content aligned to how business owners or tradesmen want them to be perceived. For example, as a plumber you want to communicate that you respond quickly to emergency repairs, then you can always include that part in the social media captions, hashtags, infographics, and other contents that will be uploaded.

  1.   Keeps the clients engaged

While it is important to prospect new clients or generate additional leads, retaining current clients is just as important if not more. For plumbers and HVAC contractors, keeping clients engaged is a direct way to maintain clients loyalty. With such a competitive market, keeping existing clients is extremely difficult and by employing digital marketing strategies, you can ensure that these clients continue to rely on your business when they need trade services.

One of the best ways to keep them engaged is through email marketing. Email marketing not only keeps your business top of mind which is crucial for your brand, but it also can increase word of mouth of your business as the aligned content makes your audience feel valued or heard. As a business coach, I always remind my students that they should make their clients feel valued and special because it is one of the ingredients to make them loyal to your business.

  1. Improve Sales

Lastly, but most importantly, digital marketing improves the overall sales of the business. The improvement of sales is the ultimate goal in marketing strategy. As business owners, we take risks in investing but with digital marketing, the risks are low because the investment required is minimal and the tactic has a history of proven effectiveness to deliver sales. When performed correctly, digital marketing strategies prove to be cost-effective and more efficient at generating sales than most of your more expensive avenues. Just like any investment, it will take time to grow but it is worth it in the long-term because the effects will set your business up for continual growth. 

Now that you know the results of successful digital marketing strategies, are you now interested in starting your own digital marketing journey? If yes, talk to us at TradesFormation today! I, together with my digital marketing team will be glad to answer all your queries about this new way of marketing and let’s jumpstart your digital marketing journey. 

To give you a brief background, our digital marketing service is composed of website development and management, search engine optimisation, social media management, and email marketing. All these platforms of digital marketing will help to ultimately reach the goals related to this strategy. 

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