5 Reasons Why We Have the Best Business Coaching Program

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TradesFormation Team

March 11, 2022

Let’s be honest, managing a business isn’t an easy task, and without the proper support and preparation, it can be much harder to make it profitable.   

Having a successful trades maintenance business requires more than working hard. The TradesFormation Business Coaching Program, led by Adrian Fadini, help a wide range of tradies manage their business and lead a team more efficiently to achieve their business and financial goals. 

At TradesFormation, we will teach you how to place systems that will make your trades maintenance business operate like a well-oiled machine, keep your staff employees focused like hawks, and the whole company in sync like a factory’s production line. 

To be more specific, these are five advantages TradesFormation offers over other business coaching companies.

1. We personally guide you.

As your business coach, I will personally guide you in managing your trades maintenance business. During the business coaching session, I answer all your questions or queries about the business lessons we’ve discussed that relate to your business. This way, we get to make the session more specific to your concerns. The question and answer session allows the Tradies to learn from each other because they can see how others think and operate their businesses when tackling similar problems or when trying to achieve similar goals. 

 2. You will learn Learn from the coach’s experience. 

Like you, I was also a Tradie before, owning a successful plumbing company. However, the success didn’t come overnight, and I also had to overcome some minor and major struggles along the way. With my coaching programs, I teach and guide Tradies, like you, how to run their businesses effectively.

My experiences of being a Tradie for several years allows me to stand  in their shoes and see how they view the industry. I consider that one of TradesFormation’s advantages because I can personally cite examples or situations of how to overcome the struggles and challenges of business owners, such as finance, marketing and staff management. 

3. I will teach you how to grow your network and have a support system.

In the TradesFormation’s Business Coaching Program, I maintain a healthy environment for my Tradie clients. While most of them are competitors in the industry, they can still be mates and learn from one another. Entering the trades maintenance industry is easy, but succeeding and growing are difficult. Having an experienced coach is the ultimate tool to achieve massive results and success.

Additionally, I ensure that my clients will receive support from my team to manage their business. I understand that teaching and attending the sessions is not enough for businesses to grow, so I also provide marketing and prospecting support to my clients. It helps them jumpstart their businesses until they can do it independently. 

4. We Make business matters clearer.

When you start a trades maintenance business, it is normal to have questions and be overwhelmed. Yes, it can be scary, but that’s why business coaches like me are here. I will teach you different ways to approach business matters until you find what works for your business best. For example, the amount of marketing strategies you can copy and tweak is overwhelming. However, we are here to guide you in creating your audience profile, identifying your target market, and developing marketing strategies that relate to your business and location and lead to your success.  

5. We teach you to systemise your operations. 

Many of our tradie clients struggle in organising their operations. TradesFormation Business Coaching Program helps them systemise and digitalise their processes. For example, we teach and guide them to set up a customer relationship system (CRM) software which is extremely helpful in organising their clients’ data. In this account, they can store their clients’ names, addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers to quickly search for it in their CRM software whenever they need certain information. They can also integrate it into their marketing strategies by launching regular email blasts to keep their clients engaged and updated about their services.

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