5 Useful LinkedIn Features for Tradies

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November 11, 2021

LinkedIn prides itself as being  “the world’s largest professional network on the internet.”

For individuals, LinkedIn is a great opportunity to grow one’s career. But it is also an amazing platform for business owners to help grow their businesses. 

There are several valuable features that LinkedIn offers businesses to improve their sales, find more business-to-business clients, and have the opportunity to expand their brand. Listed below are some of the LinkedIn features that are helpful for business owners, specifically tradies. 

1. Reactions to post

Like most social media platforms, reacting and engaging with posts is an essential form of interaction. In June of 2020, LinkedIn added this feature where users can now react to posts in just one click. The reactions are categorised into Like, Celebrate, Support, Love, Insightful, and Curious. This new feature can help business profiles gauge the response of their connections and followers.  It can also allow your business to react to relevant and related posts. 

2. Launch LinkedIn Polls

LinkedIn Polls was first introduced back in 2014, but it was an unfruitful feature at the time. Fast forward to May 2020, a pandemic hit the world, and everybody was online. They decided to bring it back. The polls have been very useful to business owners with business profiles to know their audience’s preferences and create engagement. 

Tradies can use this feature to improve their services and promotions by getting their connections and followers using the poll. They can launch various polls that are engaging and interesting to the audience. An example of a poll created by plumbers can be:

Question: What’s the plumbing problem you encounter the most?

  1. Leaks
  2. Burst Pipe
  3. Blocked Drains
  4. Malfunction in Hot Water System
  5. Others (comment below your answer to this)  

3. Send Message without Connecting

Taking advantage of LinkedIn’s premium services makes it possible to directly chat and connect with potential clients. It can be a quick way to generate leads. 

It is important to utilise this feature wisely though as the platform can become saturated and although you can send proposals for example, you would still want to gather email and phone numbers. 

4. Announce an event

With the current state of things, in-person events as part of the marketing strategy are still potentially restricted. More and more events are mostly held virtually. Now, more than ever, LinkedIn’s event feature is widely used by professionals to hold virtual meetings, forums, and other events.

Tradies can use this feature in various ways, but the main use of this feature is inviting connections to an event to announce important details about the business, such as promotions or new services. It can also help tradies track their competitors on how they use this feature and what they use it for. 

5. Follow Invitation

The follow invite feature in LinkedIn is another recently launched feature to make the platform more interactive. It is similar to the “like page” invite that Facebook pioneered for Facebook Pages. This feature in LinkedIn can significantly help make the business page more visible and engaging to connections and people following the page. 

Tradies can count on this feature to promote awareness of their business and their services, especially to their B2B prospects. However, inviting people to follow the page will not be fruitful unless existing content is posted, so tradies and their marketing team should work on this first.  

Bonus: Record Your Business Name! 

This new feature of LinkedIn lets business owners record the name of their businesses. Clients tend to shy away from businesses that they are not sure how to pronounce the name correctly. It is helpful in brand awareness and recollection. For tradies who have business names that are difficult to pronounce, this is a game-changer for you. Remember that your brand name can make or break the sales of your business!

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