5 Ways To Enhance Communication Skills For Marketing & Sales

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TradesFormation Team

July 7, 2021

“How you sell matters. What your process is matters. But how your customers feel when they engage with you matters more.” – Tiffany Bova


The phrase, “Communication is key” has been used by a lot of people millions of times already by now and everyone has their own interpretation of it whilst relating it to different fields and aspects of life. However, in this specific article, we will talk about how tradies such as plumbers and electricians can enhance their communication skills to be part of their marketing strategy and as a result, grow their sales


Just because you know how to write a letter or an e-mail or talk until you lose your voice, it doesn’t mean that you are already a good communicator. In the field of business, specifically in sales and marketing, communication skills are essential to succeed so every tradie should make an effort to improve in this area. Lucky you, we got a list of ways to improve your communication skills, free training right here. Just read on!


  • Practice makes everything BETTER

Contrary to popular belief, practice actually makes everything better and not perfect because as humans, we are susceptible to making mistakes. However, there are a variety of ways to practice your communications skills. For instance, you can start with your employees by talking to them a little bit more formally on a day-to-day basis or you can also practice your pitch in front of a mirror or someone that you can trust and can critique you professionally. 


For the written mode of communication such as e-mail or traditional mail, you can practice writing or there are open sources on the internet in which you can pattern your business mail from.


  • Be prepared with FACTS

In dealing with clients, it is more often than not that they already have a general overview of what they are asking you and just verifying how knowledgeable you are about your client’s concern. Now that the internet is almost accessible to everyone, tradies who are talking whether in person or in email should be ready to have the necessary information that a client might ask to look credible, professional, and trustworthy to work on the client’s concern


  • Learn to LISTEN

Another important aspect of communication a tradie should focus on is how to listen, not just hear but listen to what his client is talking about. Listening may seem like an easy thing to do but there will be times when a client can be clueless on what is actually happening in their house and the only way they can communicate is by describing the scenario especially during an emergency. When this kind of instance happens, the tradie on the other line should know how to listen, guide the client, and also infer on what kind of emergency happened so they can bring the necessary tools and equipment needed for the repair. 


  • Know how to maintain an EYE CONTACT

Maintaining eye contact must be one of the most difficult things to do when communicating with someone in person; however, it is an integral factor in translating what you as a tradie want to communicate to your client. Eye contact symbolizes truthfulness and sincerity so when you learn to do that in person or virtually, especially now that many meetings happen on the internet, it will be easier to build relationships with your clients. 


  • Take your TIME

Lastly, it is important to take your time and regroup your ideas and thoughts before responding to a query. You should practice how to find the balance of taking your own time without keeping your clients hanging on to what they want to know. This is also a difficult thing to practice because it is human nature to respond as quickly as possible when being asked but in this case, since you are dealing with a possible sale and a strong relationship, you have to be mindful of whatever you will say to your clients because it can make or break the sale.


Did this list somehow help you improve or know more about communications in the trades maintenance industry? If yes, we at TradesFormation would be glad to help you even further your skills and knowledge in sales and marketing in the industry where you belong. We are offering different business coaching courses for tradies that can help you succeed and reach your goals as a tradie / businessman. 

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