5 Ways To Improve Sales By Boosting Online Presence

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July 29, 2021

The global pandemic brought by the COVID-19 virus has challenged the business world in an unprecedented way, however, these new circumstances have also created new opportunities for many businesses. As much of Australia’s population found itself confined to their homes during a number of lockdowns in 2020 and 2021, we are spending more time on the internet and relying more on digital information to inform our purchasing decisions.


While online or digital marketing was already becoming dominant in the years before the pandemic, a number of businesses have become notably more successful by expanding their digital presence since the pandemic began, even amidst the global economic downfall. In the case of service providers, such as tradies, whose work must be delivered face-to-face, going completely digital is not possible. However, there is a significant opportunity for tradies to increase their leads and grow their overall sales through digital marketing.


Want to know more? Here’s a list of ways to improve sales by improving your business’ online presence.


  • Create Business Website

Creating a website for your business is one of the most effective marketing strategies for tradies. The website that will be created for your business will serve as your “address” or “location” on the worldwide web. This way, your clients and potential customers will find the business much easier and as a result, your online presence will be stronger and more prominent. In addition to this, a website is also a source of credibility. It shows to the clients or customers that you, as business owners, are willing to invest in such a strategy to show that the business is legit by making it known to the public and by being transparent in all transactions that can be shown to everyone with access to the internet. 


In creating a website, just like in a physical shop or office, your customers will be satisfied when they open it. Customer experience is a  crucial factor for businesses that want to have a strong online presence to drive and improve their sales.


  • Community Management

Community management is another way of boosting online presence to be able to improve sales of tradies. Community management can be done in different platforms across the world wide web but the most effective way to manage communities is through the business’ website and social media pages such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. 


How to manage a community? Simply engage with your audience online. This is the easiest way to get to know your audience, get insights on what they think of your business, what are the frequently asked questions, and from there, build more strategies aligned to the data gathered from communicating with them. Another factor of community management that will improve the sales of tradies is the response time. The more responsive and attentive the business in answering queries from their customers the easier they are making it for the customer to buy from them.


  • Partnerships and Collaborations

One of the growing online marketing strategies is partnership and collaboration with different influencers, brands, and complementary businesses for content creation. In doing this, your business name will have a buzz and will be associated with the one you are collaborating with. It is almost the same with above-the-line advertising through traditional media such as television and radio where you will get someone famous to advertise your business but in the online world, it can be done in a less expensive way with a wider reach. 


For example, for tradies such as plumbers and electricians, you can propose a collaboration with the brand you mostly use in repairing or installing. This way, both the name of your business and the name of the trusted brand will have traction on the internet resulting in higher visibility and sales for both brands. 


  • Map Visibility

It is not only enough that you, tradies, have your online address on your websites but it is also important to make sure that your physical and actual business address is also visible online. With the constant updates from leading online map providers such as Google and Waze, it is now easier to place your business address online.

Nowadays, to be able to place your business address on Google Maps, you will only need a Google My Business account and verify your address using a code. This technique can really boost your online presence because, in Google Maps, clients can post reviews already that act as social proof to promote your business. Remember that reviews and word of mouth from actual clients are one of the biggest sales drivers for service-oriented businesses such as plumbing services.


  • Content Creation

Lastly, the biggest driver of online presence and sales in the online world for tradies or any business is content creation. Digital marketing professionals consider content creation as the pillar of digital marketing because the process of online marketing starts with the content of your website and social media platforms. A website or social media platform with well-thought-out content has a big potential to be known to its target audience and it can even go beyond that target if it goes viral. That’s the reason why now, business owners from different industries invest in having a digital marketing team. They are the keys to making a business known to their audience and improve sales despite the restrictions brought by the pandemic. 


Did you get new ideas from this list that you think can help improve your online presence and sales during this time of crisis? Let us know at TradesFormation by contacting us at 0480 009 598 or email us at learn@tradesformation.com.au . Our team would be happy to help you assist and guide you in your online and digital marketing journeys. Aside from digital marketing services, we are also offering an array of training courses for tradies with a focus on sales and marketing. And for overall business management, we are offering business coaching for tradies which can be done 1-on-1 or as a team for more inclusive growth. 

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