7 Effective Online Marketing Strategies for Tradies

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TradesFormation Team

March 21, 2022

Owning a trades business isn’t just about providing an excellent service to your clients; it’s also about maintaining and growing your business. One of the most critical things to keep your business healthy and the phone ringing all the time is marketing, then without that, your business will:

  • Struggle with sales
  • Get less bookings
  • Receive less income
  • Grow poorly.

By applying various marketing strategies to your trades business, you will be able to:

  • Generate more leads
  • Increase your brand awareness locally
  • Increase your turnover and profit
  • Exponentially grow your business.

While you can be the best plumber, electrician or technician if you don’t have enough customers, you won’t get that far with your business. The most important marketing strategies you can apply to your business are:

  1. Social Media Marketing

    The advantage of social media is that you can interact with your customers, showcase your service and provide value such as videos and photos at no cost. Because your time is money, we recommend spending time and effort only on your customers’ social media platforms.

    If you’re not taking advantage of social media, you’re missing out on a fast, inexpensive, and effective way to reach your customers.

  2. Pay-Per-Click Advertising

    Organic content on social media channels has been declining for a time now then; only one in every 19 followers will see your organic content. Because of this, you should consider targeted pay-per-click advertising to increase brand awareness and reach relevant visitors that fit the demographics of your customers and reside in the exact geographic location.

    Paid advertising is a non-negotiable aspect of a successful marketing strategy that will help you get more qualified leads and customers for your trades business.

  3. Responsive Website

    Website is your business’ address in the online world, and when it is responsive developed, it will attract potential clients to check your service.

    Though it is not easy to build a website, and you will need professionals to do it, it will pay off once optimised. It can generate leads and eventually bring in additional sales for your business because potential clients will have a chance to see your work, and you can build your credibility locally.

  4. Email Marketing

    Email marketing has the highest conversion rate of any marketing channel, surprisingly. Sending newsletters regularly to your subscribers will keep your trades’ business in mind, and guess who they will call when they need your services?

    To start building your email database, try adding a subscribe offer to your website. When developing your email content, it’s recommended to focus on relevant, informative content and tips to add value to your subscriber list.

  5. Google My Business

    Another absolute must for Aussie tradies is to list the trades business on Google My Business. It is considered an online phonebook that will show your business information such as phone numbers, opening times, website, reviews and your location when people are searching for a tradie they can really trust.

  6. Online Reviews

    Online reviews from satisfied clients are one of the most effective online marketing strategies available out there. When you know that your clients are satisfied with your service, you can ask them to write a review because it can help you build your credibility and trust.

    In the service industry, word-of-mouth or online reviews are very beneficial to business owners because it is their way of presenting to potential clients what they can do for them relative to the experience of their previous clients.

  7. Online Forums and Communities

    Penetrating online forums and communities in different platforms such as Reddit and Facebook groups is already an old strategy, but Tradies like you can still benefit from this strategy. By doing this strategy, you will gain general and specific industry knowledge that people talk about in these platforms. The knowledge that you have acquired can be used to form business strategies for their businesses.

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