7 SEO Concepts Tradies Should Know

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October 7, 2021

The constant uncertainty from COVID-19 restrictions has meant that these days, keeping a business afloat is quite tricky. Many industries have been heavily affected by lockdowns, with one of these being the trades industry. The ongoing lockdown and imposed restrictions in Sydney and parts of NSW in the last few months has meant that tradies could not operate at full capacity.

As a business coaching and consultancy company, TradesFormation continuously explores different ways to help and assist our clients, which are tradies, to keep their business earning money through these trying times. However, the pandemic opened the door to a new way of marketing for tradies through digital marketing strategies. The world of digital marketing may be fairly new, but it is already incredibly broad and full with different approaches. Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is one of those strategies which tradies can leverage from. It is a very technical strategy, but there are basic concepts a tradie should know to be effective for the trades business and these are listed below.     

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is the most common type of Search Engine Optimisation. It covers a wide range of SEO strategies that help websites rank higher in search engines like Google and Bing. It is called “on-page SEO” because these strategies are easily seen and are very noticeable. The basic on-page SEO strategies are content, keywords, and the media that make a website look appealing to the audience. 

Tradies should be aware of these strategies and be quite involved. After all, you know who your audience is and what your audience likes as you get to interact with them on a day-to-day basis.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is another type of Search Engine Optimisation. This type of SEO operates outside of the business’ website but significantly impacts the website’s traffic or the number of visitors. The off-page SEO is sometimes referred to as the link building strategy because, through other websites, the business’ main website can be linked via guest posting. 

For tradies, there are two effective ways to do off-page SEO. The first one is through guest posting with the use of blog articles. All you have to do is explore the guest posting website’s guidelines,  write the article related to your business, and submit the article and wait for it to be posted. The second way is to sign-up in reputable web directories and place the information about your trades business.  


A website’s responsiveness refers to how it would look in different devices such as desktops, mobile phones, and tablets and how it would function within those devices. Nowadays, about 50% of internet users access information using their mobile devices because of its convenience, so tradies should always check their websites’ responsiveness for this device. 

Another reason tradies should be aware of their websites’ responsiveness is that it is a ranking factor in SEO. A responsive website generally gets more web traffic, triggering the algorithm of search engines to place the website higher when searched.

Content Marketing

In search engine optimisation, content is the heart and soul of a website. The content of a website plays a significant role in ranking the website higher in search engines. The algorithm of search engines like Google is designed to crawl a website’s content to show results to potential visitors. 

In order to create helpful content for a website to rank higher in search engines, there are things content writers and business owners like tradies should know. The first factor in content creation is the set of keywords used in creating the content. The second factor is the relevance of the content to the business as well as to the readers. The third factor is the length and readability of the content. It is essential to know the audience’s reading behaviour; do they just scan and skim or do they read the content in the full length? This is helpful as it can determine the writing style that the writer should follow.   

Page Links or URLs

The website’s link, more commonly known as URL, are crucial in search engine optimisation, especially when local SEO is involved. The foundation of the website is its domain or main URL. It is essential to set goals in terms of location. For example, as a tradie, you have service areas, so to effectively rank high, it is best to add location extensions to the domain instead of simply ending it with “.com”. The extension for Australia is “.au” to specify that the business is only operating in that country.   

The second is the link or URL of the pages on the website. Customising it based on the page’s name can help optimise the website for a higher ranking in search engines. For example, if the page is named “Services”, the page link should be “domain/services”. 

The third important thing is to check if the link of each website is working and nothing is broken. A broken page can lower the score of the website’s overall health, affecting the ranking in search engines.


Time is a crucial factor in search engine optimisation. The first time-related SEO factor is the website’s speed or page loading time. In SEO, a fast website is essential. The algorithm of search engines such as Google and Bing rank websites with a short loading time higher than their competitors. 

The second time-related factor tradies should be aware of is the importance of correct timing when publishing content. With the use of tools such as Google Analytics, it should be easy to determine when visitors visit the page more frequently, and you can choose to schedule the publication of content a few hours ahead to ensure that there is fresh content for your visitors to see when they open your website.   


Lastly, integrations to different tools, software, and other websites are critical in search engine optimisation. For instance, integrating the website to various tools provided by Google, the most famous and used search engine today, can boost web traffic to the website. How? Google launched tools such as Google My Business and Google Ads to make marketing and advertising for business owners such as tradies easier, as well as measure the website’s performance through Google Analytics. These are important in SEO because they help build the score of your website, which is crucial in ranking high in search engines. 

Are you exploring more search engine optimisation concepts to use in your trades business’ marketing mix? 

TradesFormation can help you start your digital marketing journey with our marketing services. We are offering website development, search engine optimisation, search engine marketing, and social media management. These services can holistically improve your sales from the different digital channels and broaden your network or clients.

If you want to know more about our other services such as business coaching, sales and marketing training, consultancy for tradies, contact us at 0480 008 598 or email us at learn@tradeformation.com.au   

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