Building A Good Online Reputation

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TradesFormation Team

June 24, 2021

A good reputation gives an air of confidence not only to you but also to your customers. They want a trusted tradie or brand to ensure that their money is well spent. Who wouldn’t? Referrals have long been a good way to get potential clients and help in getting a return or loyal clients and improve sales. But how can you build that online as well?



Flex those online reviews as they help build reputation. Don’t be too timid to ask clients or customers to post a review on your Google My Business or Facebook page after every successful service. Always make sure to include your review link in your follow-up emails or SMS sent to the client after the job is complete. 



If you have received more in-depth reviews or pieces of feedback about your brand or business, highlight them by dedicating a page to testimonials on your website or creating individual social media posts for each testimonial. Ask permission first though. This also helps build a good relationship with your clients. Appreciate clients and they appreciate you in return.


Blog posts / tips

If you have a website, creating helpful blog post content will help to position you as an expert in your specialist areas, and by educating the customer on topics that they may not know a lot about, will also help to build familiarity and trust, which will increase the likelihood of them choosing your business for their next service. 



Creating helpful partnerships for your business expands your reputation further and showcases an air of progress that clients will catch a good whiff of. Clients will want to invest their money and do business with such progressive tradesmen or brands after all.


Media Features

Now, this may not be easy but if there’s a chance to get featured in TV, radio, or online print, do it. Opportunities might include local community events, sponsorships, or even involvement in charitable or community causes. You can then highlight that on your website or socials. Old media still helps in building credibility.

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