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February 7, 2022

Are you a Tradie starting your plumbing, electrical, or construction business but having difficulty developing a marketing plan to grow your business? I understand how you feel, and I have the answer for that, the 1 Page Marketing Plan. 

Before becoming a business coach I used to own a plumbing business and I too was lost initially, but with experience and additional business management knowledge, the company grew and became successful. Now, I have the opportunity to share my knowledge in managing a trades maintenance business with Tradies who aim to achieve more success in the industry.  

One of the most critical lessons business owners should know is formulating a foolproof marketing plan. The 1 Page Marketing Plan (1PMP) authored by Allan Dib in 2016 is beneficial in understanding crucial marketing concepts. As a business coach and former Tradie, I understand that learning new concepts in business management can be difficult to grasp, so I simplified the three phases of creating a marketing plan based on 1PMP. 

Phase 1 – Before (Prospect) 

The first step in Phase 1 is identifying your target market (ideal audience) and niche market (a concentrated portion of the ideal audience). In creating your target market or ideal audience, you must identify their demographics (gender, occupation, age, and location) and behaviour or psychographics (lifestyle, interests, hobbies, opinions, etc.). The created audience profile will then help you identify your niche market where you can be a big fish in a small pond and connect with the audience most receptive to your message. 

The second and third step is curating your message and identifying effective media channels to deliver messages respectively. It is important that your message is clear, concise, and understandable by your audience so that they can relate to what you are trying to convey as a business entity. In terms of media channels, the trades industry has recently taken advantage of social media platforms as their primary channel in sending their message to their audiences. Traditional media, like print, tv, and radio, is still reliable in delivering the message to the audience, however, it is best to mix different forms of media to achieve optimal success. 

Phase 2 – During (Lead)

The second phase is focused on capturing and nurturing leads. Capturing leads built upon the information gathered and created in Phase 1. Aside from traditional lead generation tactics like joining a trades show, capturing leads can now also be done digitally using social media platforms like Instagram and prospecting websites like LinkedIn. 

Converting captured leads into clients is a different game. In our business coaching class, you will learn different ways of nurturing those leads to get your services. For instance, one piece of data that you should always get from your leads is their email addresses. Having this ensures you can consistently keep your message and brand recognisable to them, helping keep your business top of mind which is important when it comes to their decision making process.

Phase 3 – After (Customer)

The third and last phase of 1PMP is the after-sale process focusing on customer relationships.  Niche markets are characterised by high levels of competition which is why valuing your client is so important. This means providing them with a world-class experience is non-negotiable. There is however, no set way to deliver world-class experience. This can be done through stellar customer service, leaving the site or home cleaner than when you arrived, being on time to deliver the service, or basically anything else that leaves a positive impression. 

Positive impressions also boost your overall referrals from clients as strong after-sale processes can boost word-of-mouth praise. By going above and beyond the client’s expectations you help ensure that your brand and business remain top of mind for the right reasons, which is why referrals are not uncommon side-effects of this. To strengthen this you can create referral programs for your clients to sustain the flow of referrals with an example being $50 off their next service booked when a client successfully referred a friend. These kinds of referral programs can boost your awareness in the market and have a chance to widen your audience.

Did you learn a thing or two from this blog? If you want to learn more about managing your business, be part of our TradesFormation’s Business Coaching Program. In this program, I teach Tradies to successfully manage their business by giving them knowledge in different business areas such as marketing, human resources, and finance.  

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We are looking forward to helping you grow your business!

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