Business Coaching Tip: Build A Culture For Tradies

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September 16, 2021

These days, when business owners talk about keys to the success of a business the word “culture” often shows up. The concept of company culture has been used and tested by different companies worldwide for several decades already and the owners often attribute their achievements to the impact of their culture internally and externally. Due to this, business coaching sessions for tradies are now often focused on building a specific culture based on the vision and goals of the company. 

Building a company culture is a long process. That is why a business coach would advise a tradie to start identifying and practicing an honest company culture so that the culture will be ingrained amongst the team members. While building a strong company culture takes time and is complex, here are some reasons why it is worth the effort.


Higher performance level 

Oftentimes, companies with a strong culture produce members who are motivated and eager to work on a higher level, resulting in a better quality of products or services. This is because when a company culture has been established, employees or team members will feel that they are valued and in return, they will give the same amount of value to their work. For example, a trades business can make the working environment as positive as possible for every member of the team by encouraging a culture of reciprocity and helping each other to complete tasks more efficiently. 


Strong Communication

Everyone knows that communication plays a very important role in the success of a company, however, it is not easy to build an open and honest communication line amongst all team members. By having a strong company culture you can help improve the alignment of team members and create more effective communication and problem-solving.

By encouraging team members to be vocal about their thoughts and feelings towards every aspect of the business, they get empowered because they can feel that their ideas are being valued. Another benefit of having strong communication built from company culture is that it makes resolving internal disputes easier because members can comfortably discuss whatever they are feeling without fear of retribution. 


Employee Retention

Company culture plays a big role in retaining employees for a long period. In fact, nowadays, more than the compensation and benefits, it is the culture that makes employees stay with a company. In the trades industry, specifically, for plumbing companies, replacing staff is an expensive and time-consuming process. By improving company culture, and building employee loyalty, you will increase staff retention and avoid excessive staff churn.


Build Brand Identity

When a company culture has been established internally among the members of the team, it is normal for team members to bring it with them while delivering their services. For example, when a plumbing company’s culture is to work with a smile on their faces and this culture has been ingrained in the character of the plumbers, when they go out and service their clients, their character, attitude, and the quality of their work will be a reflection of how the plumbing company operates internally. Receiving good feedback based on the plumbers’ character and work ethic is great in building brand identity. It means that customers can easily identify the positive characteristics of the plumbing company and its staff.


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