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August 27, 2021

With new strains of COVID-19 plunging different parts of Australia and the rest of the world into more lockdowns, business owners should start maximising digital and online tools to keep their business running. There have been progressive advancements in online marketing tools, one of them is Google My Business. Created by Google, this is a tool to help businesses all over the world have more visibility online, to know and understand their audience better, and to market their products and services more aggressively. 


What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a tool that allows you to promote your business profile and website on Google Search and Maps. With your Google My Business account, you can see and connect, post updates to your Business Profile and see how customers interact with your business in Google.


Benefits of having a Google My Business Listing

Google Maps

Ever wondered how businesses were able to have their locations visible on Google Maps? It’s through a Google My Business account! Having this means that you can put a pin of your business’s physical location, on the digital map provided by Google. This is a really advantageous tool for tradies to have because most websites and applications nowadays use Google Maps, so whenever a user opens an app or website, they can see your business listed on the map. 

In addition to that, with Google’s more sophisticated algorithm, users can just use keywords such as “plumbers near me” or “tradies near me” to find businesses like yours and Google will automatically curate a list of businesses related to the keywords used. 


Alternative Website

Your trading business’ Google My Business listing can also serve as your initial website. It is a less complicated but functional substitute if you think that having a full-blown website might be too tricky to manage. Just like any website, Google My Business will allow you to put basic information about your business, services being offered, and updates such as promotions and important announcements. 

The only downside here when you settle to just having a Google My Business listing is that your information will only be available to Google. It will not be visible to other search engines like Yahoo and Bing.  


Review Section

With your business’ Google My Business listing, you have the option to open the review section of the tool where clients or customers can share their experience with your business. However, by opening this section to the public, you must keep in mind that this is a double-edged sword as clients can give mixed reviews. So while this is generally a plus for your business, you should also know how to respond to negative reviews that may come your way. 


Marketing and Advertising

Marketing for tradies such as plumbers, electricians, and builders was also made easier and more accessible by Google My Business through Google Ads. Search engine optimisation is a highly technical strategy that is vital for the online presence of a business. However, with Google Ads, advertising and making your business more visible in the online community can be easier because launching a campaign through this can place your listing higher than your competitors. While this comes with a cost, it is a proven effective way of generating leads online.


Need help in setting up your Google My Business listing? Let us at TradesFormation work it out for you! TradesFormation is not just a business coaching and training company anymore, we are now also offering digital marketing services to help your business grow and be more visible in the online world. Our team of digital marketers will assist you on growing your reputation online through Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Website Development, and even managing your Google My Business listing.  

To contact us, you may call us at 0480 009 598 or email us at learn@tradesformation.com.au. Tell us about your business and let’s work together to build success!

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