How Can Timing In Digital Marketing Improve Sales

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August 19, 2021

“Time is money”

It is one of the most popular idiomatic expressions out there that almost everyone in the world lives by and says everyday. But what makes this expression so special that it can be related to practically anything from someone’s simple life to a more technical area such as digital marketing? Continue reading to learn the importance of timing in digital marketing to be able to improve the sales of your business, tradies. 


Social Media Marketing

In Social Media Marketing (SMM), time is a very sensitive and valuable issue. This is because marketing professionals have to consider timing when planning or scheduling the content that will be produced for the business for a period of time. Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube now have built-in analytics in their websites where business page owners can analyse data gathered for a specific length of time. With the data being provided by these websites, business owners and marketing professionals can easily identify the content that they will produce for a specific date and time of the day. It is important because knowing which day and time of the week or month the page is being viewed mostly can provide the highest return on investment or sales for the business.


Search Engine Optimisation

Similarly, with Social Media Marketing, time is relevant to Search Engine Optimisation for identifying the most effective time to publish a piece of content, like blog articles, to maximise its purpose for the business which is to improve sales through digital marketing. However, another aspect that business owners such as tradies with a business in plumbing, electrical works, and construction should understand is that in Search Engine Optimisation, patience is really a virtue. Because it is best to have organic traffic and in doing so, it takes several months and sometimes years before a business website can take off and rank high in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. While it takes some time to rank high, the best practice in search engine optimisation still is to regularly put out content that will be useful to the target audience so that your website will appear on search engines more often when certain keywords are being used to find what the audience needs. 


Video Content Production

Nowadays, producing video content is steadily gaining traction in the digital world to sell a product or service of the business. It is because of years of trial and error studies on video content online, marketers and researchers are getting more reliable and relevant data to be able to shape the latest videos to what and how their audience likes them. In general, aside from the content itself, the duration of time of the video matters a lot. The attention span of people these days is getting shorter so it is important to relay the message of the video as soon as the video starts. That is why it is noticeable that in Youtube, Facebook, and other video sharing websites where advertisers can place an ad, video ads are getting shorter as well. So to be able to convert into sales the expenses in producing a video ad, time must be considered. 


Response Time

Response time is another factor that marketers and business owners like tradies have to keep an eye on because of how critical it is in making or breaking a sale, especially in a very competitive industry. The industry of tradies is competitive in a way that there are hundreds or even thousands of tradies in a specific location with a limited number of customers or clients they can service, so being able to respond quickly can create better relationships with possible clients online. That is why now, business owners hire round-a-clock customer service representatives to manage the queries being received through emails or chat applications installed in the website. This strategy is most effective for tradies because most of the time, people look for emergency or 24/7 rescue from the trouble in their households or business establishments such as in plumbing or electrical works so being able to respond quickly, not only by physically being there but also by receiving their messages can truly improve the sales of your business.     


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