How Tradies Can Improve Sales Despite Lockdowns

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September 2, 2021

As seen in the news recently, there have been new variants of COVID-19 detected. Scientists and medical experts call these the Delta and the Lambda strain, which are more infectious, transferable, and difficult to detect compared to the original variant of COVID-19. Because of this, COVID-19 cases are starting to increase once again, triggering another series of lockdowns all around the world, including parts of Australia, and New South Wales specifically. The lockdown in Sydney and the New South Wales area has been going on for weeks now, and a lot of businesses have been severely affected. Particularly those that are in the service-providing sector such as tradies, including plumbers, electricians, and builders.    

Despite the fact that the government has now informed us that tradies can continue to provide services to their clients, especially in an emergency situation, many are still experiencing a decline in sales, and some tradies are losing their clients. Now, you may be wondering how you can improve your sales despite the lockdown and restrictions imposed by the government. Just continue reading and we, at TradesFormation, can assist you with this issue. 



Due to the lockdown, face-to-face and physically involving marketing strategies are prohibited, so it is best to start or continue focusing on online and digital marketing strategies. Advances in modern technology mean that marketing your trades business online is now more effective. Here are some ways to have a strong online presence:

Website Development and Search Engine Optimisation

For tradies, this is the best way to make your business known to the public during the lockdown. The website will serve as your online address or location where customers can visit and learn about your business and the works that you do such as plumbing and gas installations. Another benefit of having a website is it builds credibility among future clients because as it is a public domain, it reassures your clients that your business is legit. 

Search Engine Optimisation on the other hand is a technical work that makes a business’ website be more visible to its target audience. This is done through different methods such as creating content, minimising the loading time of the website, optimising media (videos, audio, and images), and fixing broken links. Though it is a long process, the return will be worth it once customers start to visit and inquire about your business from the website.  

These two related ways of making your business’ online presence stronger may take some time but tradies like you can use this downtime to build a better website and eventually improve your sales.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is one of the easiest marketing techniques to make the business known and improve sales when needed. All business owners need is a working email address and they can sign-up for all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. With almost everyone in the world having an account in at least one social media platform, your business’ page will be visible to millions of people, giving you a wider reach and a louder voice on the internet. Regular social media updates will make your business more prominent in the minds of consumers, hopefully leading it to become a top-of-mind choice, when they are in need of a tradie in the area, for instance, an emergency in the plumbing system.  



A great number of tradesmen in Australia, including plumbers, electricians, and builders, operating in small to medium size businesses with little education surrounding business management. Running a business on your own can be a challenge and that’s why it is best to sign-up and attend business coaching and training sessions for tradies. In these sessions, which nowadays are being conducted online due to the pandemic, tradies will learn how to properly manage their business. Knowing the basic ins and outs of the business will help in improving the sales, especially during this vulnerable time.

TradesFormation is a business coaching and training company built by Adrian Fadini, a former tradie himself. Through these coaching and training sessions with him and the TradeFormation team, he is able to share his textbook-based knowledge and real-life experiences as a tradie to other tradies who are starting their own business and even to those who already have an established trades business but want to gain more knowledge and take their business to greater heights.      

Now, TradesFormation is also offering digital marketing services to tradies who would want to pursue online marketing strategies such as website development, search engine optimisation, and social media marketing. With lockdowns taking away normalcy in the lives of people, business owners have to think outside the box and start to entertain the thought of using new and modern ways of doing business. In the case of marketing, it is the online and digital marketing strategies that are gaining popularity across the globe, especially during a time of limited physical mobility.

To get in touch with us, call us at 0480 009 598 or email us at learn@tradesformation.com.au and let us talk about your business and how we can improve the sales despite the global pandemic and its effects on the economy.

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