How Understanding DISC Can Help You To Make More Sales

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July 22, 2021

DISC is an acronym for a personality assessment that was primarily proposed in 1928 by William Moulton Marston, a psychologist with a Ph.D. from Harvard University. The assessment was then continuously developed by succeeding psychologists until it became the D.I.S.C Personality Assessment. D stands for Dominance, I stands for Influence, S stands for Steadiness, and C stands for Compliance. Each personality type has its own unique set of characteristics and knowing a person’s DISC characteristics can be helpful in various life situations, especially in the workplace. 

The question here is, how can understanding DISC help your business to grow its sales? 

As mentioned, DISC is a type of personality assessment and it is mostly used by human resources, managers, coaches, and those who lead a certain group of people because understanding the results of DISC assessment of each employee can help the business grow its financial success to some level. Here’s how:

  • Build A Safe And Harmonious Environment

By understanding the DISC assessment results of employees, you can build a safe and harmonious environment in the workplace and it can even extend outside of it. As a result, employees will have a stronger bond which the company will benefit a lot from because your PEOPLE will always be the main source of success. 

  • Better Communication

Of course, by knowing each other’s results, your team will know how to properly communicate their thoughts and ideas with each other. Also, conflicts may lessen when they know each other’s DISC personality because they will know how to approach the people involved in the conflict more effectively.  

  • Successful Coaching And Management

For managers, especially under Human Resources and Training departments, knowing employees’ personalities can make their work a lot easier. They can help these employees grow better and improve in their work because they should know how to approach them as a team and individually. Remember that each employee’s growth is an added success to the company.

  • Higher Closing Rate

For employees, learning the ropes of DISC personality assessment can help them in closing a deal with a client. When a team member has some idea of DISC, they can start to anticipate the behavioural styles of decision-makers. This way, they can adapt their approach based on the client’s personality to make them more appealing and eventually get the client’s “yes” to their products and services.

All those benefits of understanding DISC personalities will lead to a bigger goal which is increasing and gaining more sales for the company. 

For more on the DISC personality types, check out the summary below:


People with this personality type are often viewed as direct, decisive, problem solvers, and risk-takers. In an organisation, dominant people often create a great percentage of sales of the company because of their aggressiveness and assertiveness towards the goal which is making sales. These people are best to tap when you are going for a hard-selling strategy.  


People with this personality are characterised as being sociable, entertaining, responsive to the emotional needs of others, and generally friendly. These people are great to be around because they make any situation lighter without being disrespectful or being out-of-context when conversing. They can be very effective in generating sales when you want to find the balance between hard and soft selling. They can make your products and services look more pleasing and befriend the client to make your products and services seem more personal to them. 


People with this personality are known to be calm, understanding, and good team players. These people are very reliable especially when having a discussion and doing things with a group of people. They are mostly the reason for a peaceful environment in a workplace for they can balance and compromise with anyone. 


People with this personality are known to be task-oriented, accurate, and competent. They are the go-to people when everything seems to be chaotic because they are very organised and straight-to-the-point. In a company, they are most likely to be the leaders because they are very focused while making sure that what an employee has contributed is correct. They tend to ask a lot of questions but they only do it to ensure that everything is covered. 

Now that you know the benefits of understanding DISC personalities as an assessment and their individuality, try to apply this assessment to your next evaluation and see how it will change your company for the better. These changes may appear immediately or after some time. It will depend on how you will execute the application of assessment results into your organisation.

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