Importance Of Business Coaching To Maintenance Tradies

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TradesFormation Team

June 17, 2021

In Australia where there are countless maintenance trades companies, opening a new one or staying in the business can be challenging. The competition in the market is very steep and the opportunity to succeed and grow can be slim because of the saturated nature of the industry. For most business owners, especially the new ones in the industry, this situation can be intimidating. That’s why business coaching emerges in markets with such a population as maintenance trades.  Business coaching trainers can serve as your go-to people when starting your business or would want to take your business to higher ground.


To understand what business coaches do and how they can help you grow your maintenance trades business, keep reading because we have listed down a number of reasons why you should consider a business coach.


  • Building Long-term Strategies

Business coaches are seasoned businessmen who can help you build strategies that are good for the long-term. For example, business coaches can help you determine obstacles that could greatly affect your business so you and the coach can build strategies around that specific problem so if the time comes, you will know as a business owner what you should do to protect your business. 

In addition to tackling problems and having a proactive mindset, a business coach can also provide industry insights that you can use to create a marketing plan for tradies to help your maintenance trade business be more visible to your target audience and to communicate your message clearly to them.


  • FInancial Literacy

In every business transaction, there is cost involved so as a business owner, you should also know how to handle your finances even though you have a trusted accounting team. If you have no or little knowledge about finance, business coaches can help you understand finance and accounting terms and best practice approaches to managing your finances so that you can put profits at the forefront of your business strategy. With some help, you can easily audit your finances, see if there’s any misplaced budget, and analyse how much you are making in every transaction with a client. 


  • Creation of Business Plan and Business Model

With the experience that your business coach has acquired in years that they have been working in the industry, creating a business plan and a business model together is your best bet for an effective business strategy. In creating a business plan and a business model, you can also determine your target market for the services that you will offer in order to ensure that all of your marketing efforts will be aligned with your target market. 


  • People Management

Among the areas of business administration, people management is definitely on top of the importance list. Your people, teams and individual employees make your business grow. This is most especially important in a service industry such as the trades industry because your clients pay for your team’s expertise and professionalism. Business coaches can provide tips on how to make your team happy, satisfied, and motivated so they will stay longer in the company.  


  • See the Bigger Picture

Your chosen business coach is your other pair of eyes who can help you tackle issues affecting your maintenance trades business. This can help you see the problem in a different light, solve it more creatively, and view it as a learning curve for future reference. It is because there are times when business owners get caught up with a certain situation, have blind spots, and forget how to go around the situation. If you have a business coach, they can provide insights on how to view this kind of situation so it will not overwhelm you and you can have a clear mind on how to attack the situation properly and objectively. 

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