Marketing for Tradies: Branding

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TradesFormation Team

December 24, 2021

Branding is a word that we commonly encounter when creating, running and discussing business. But what is branding and why is it important to establish one for your trades business? 

Branding is the process of creating a strong message that people will resonate with and as a result will have a positive perception towards your business. 

There are multiple elements that makeup one’s branding. The first one that comes to mind for most is the logo. The logo provides context and identification to the business. 

Another initial element is the colour palette. The choice of colour combination for your trades business is very crucial because each colour is associated with different feelings or emotions. For instance, red is often associated with emergency, or passion, while blue is calming. 

This is where most people stop in thinking about branding, but they are wrong. 

Another crucial aspect to branding is the mission and vision statement. These are important for the business because they provide clarity and guidance to the business and give expectations to clients to remember and associate. 

Other elements of branding are the language, fonts, services and deals, interactions, website and more. You can think of your brand as “how people perceive you and your business”

Importance of Branding

Why is branding important? It is because your business is viewed and remembered for more than just the list of services you offer. It is also being compared to others so how potential clients view your business needs to be better than competitors or you may lose out in sales. 

Identity and Recognise

One of the measures of the success of continuous branding is when your non-audiences start to recognise your brand elements without the mention of your business’ name. It means that you have built an identity for your business. In order to maintain these positive effects on your business, you must continuously roll out tactics and strategies that will support your brand.  

Competitive Advantage

As a tradie, we know that it is hard to have your own identity in the market because in most cases, you all have the same set of services to offer in the community. However, once you’ve established your brand, it will automatically be your competitive advantage. Customers and potential customers can easily recall and remember your business. Your business will be at the top of their mind when the time they need your services comes. 


Established branding should help in increasing the value of the business. Take luxury brands as an example, they are able to put higher prices because of the way people perceive and remember them as a brand. The same principle can be applied to trade businesses. The first step is to conceptualize your brand, then put it into action through marketing tactics and strategies, and lastly, influence people’s perception of your business. This way, you can manipulate the pricing of your services. 

For example, you can build your trade business’ identity around the words, quality, professional, and licensed. Then back those claims with true reviews from your previous clients, and gradually you can increase your prices. It’s because people value your business based on your qualities which are difficult to replicate by competitors. 

This set of information about branding is just the tip of the iceberg. Branding is a very broad concept in marketing and advertising. However, we at TradesFormation have come up with a program that helps Tradies implement solid branding tactics. Our Business Coaching Program allows us to teach marketing which includes branding in just a few weeks. This business coaching program is specifically designed to address the needs and issues of being a tradesman. 

If you prefer one-on-one sessions with our business coaches, we also have Business Consultancy services wherein we can go in-depth with your business management to troubleshoot the business and provide you with improving sales along the way. 

To discover more about our business coaching, business consultancy, and digital marketing services, call us at 0490 009 598 or email us your inquiry at learn@tradesformation.com.au 


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