Marketing for Tradies: Know Your Customers

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TradesFormation Team

September 23, 2021

“Strictly business.” “Do not get too attached to your clients.”

These are common phrases that successful business owners have said in the past. However, these days, having a high emotional quotient (EQ) and connecting with clients is an integral characteristic of a successful business owner. 

In the service-providing industry, especially for tradies, possessing this skill and applying it is incredibly beneficial. When tradies offer services to their clients, they get to interact with them face-to-face. This interaction will enable them to get to know their clientele and use this information to their advantage. As a result, the marketing efforts will be clearly strategised, with personalised tactics based on the clients, consequently improving sales. 

But how can tradies get personal with their clients to use it as a marketing advantage?

Introduce yourself properly

The first step in getting to know your client is introducing yourself to them. However, this can be challenging if the client is stand-offish, shy, or quiet. If this is the case, there are different ways to break the ice, and a bit of humour never hurts. Nevertheless, make sure it’s respectful and appropriate. You should start by greeting them with a firm hand-shake (Or a COVID-19-safe elbow tap!) and a friendly smile, then proceed to introduce yourself. Lastly, always ask them how they are doing, as it is always a great conversation starter, and a nice thing to do during these trying times.  

 Proceed with friendly, yet professional conversation

Once you feel that your client is comfortable with your presence, you can start having an honest conversation with them. For instance, if the client has called you in to fix their plumbing system; you can ask what happened to the plumbing system, how long it has been in that state, whether they tried to fix it on their own, etc. Always start with service-related questions to sound professional, and it will also help in knowing how to solve the problem. Just a reminder, also remember to be observant of the atmosphere in the room, so you will know how to deliver your questions and which questions to follow. 

Be prompt in answering queries

In customer service, response time is critical because it can make or break a deal with a client. By answering your client’s queries immediately, you can make them feel important and prioritised, which will lead to a good relationship. Once there is a bond between you and the client, you will be able to get to know them more personally and customise your way of delivering your service to them.

Use a Customer Relationship Management System

Lastly, take advantage of today’s technology. Information technology experts have created and continuously innovated customer relationship management systems to make the overall operations of the business more cohesive and direct to clients or customers. These systems are used to store and manage information of a business’ clients. A customer relationship management system is highly beneficial to tradies because by using this, they can personalise their marketing activities in accordance with the contact information they have of their clients. For example, in an email marketing activity, they can personalise the email by extracting their clients’ first name, insert it into the subject line or in the opening of the email and make it look like a direct email instead of a generic email blast to a list of clients.

Did this help you understand the value of having a good relationship with your clients? Get to know more tips and gain more valuable business information for tradies with TradesFormation’s business coaching services. We are also offering sales and business training which aims to improve your sales and overall operations of the business. And to take your marketing activities to another level, we recently launched our digital marketing services to give tradies a stronger online presence.    

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