Marketing for Tradies: Strategies and Tactics

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November 19, 2021

“The tactics drive the strategy.” – Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce

In the trades industry, competition is tight because of the number of tradies in the field while having a limited market in an area. Knowledge in marketing is an advantage, because you can separate your identity from others. 

We at TradesFormation spend weeks instilling various marketing principles into our clients. As a business coaching company, it is our responsibility to ensure that by the end of their programs, attendees can create unique marketing strategies and tactics to improve their sales. In this blog, we will give you a sneak peek at what you will learn in our business coaching program. 

Strategies vs. Tactics

Marketing strategies should be aligned with the goals of the company. They are created with a long-term mindset so that outcomes are achieved. The strategies created should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound. 

Strategy success is a team effort, hence to forge effective strategies the whole team should be onboarded. The vision should be shared to everyone.  

On the other hand, tactics are the steps or actions team members take to achieve the goal. If strategies answer the “why”, tactics answer the “how”. They are generally short-term actions that can be easily implemented by the team. 

Strategy is like a ladder, while a tactic is a step on the ladder. They both lead to the common goal set out by the company. 

Strategies and Tactics you can formulate to achieve success as a Tradie

Define target market

The first strategy is to define the target market or niche market of the business. Tradies should define them through demographics, geography, and psychographics (lifestyle, attitude, and character). The more specific you are in defining your target market, the more specific and successful your tactics at reaching, engaging and converting that target into clients. 

Define the messaging

Defining the messaging is crucial. It means that you’ll have to know how you want to be perceived by the audience or the target market. Your messaging will convey your brand to your audience so it should be consistent, clear and ultimately convert. Your messaging and target audience should align perfectly, so some tinkering and analysis may be required. 

Identify the marketing tools

Another important strategy before formulating your tactics is to identify the marketing tools available. These tools will serve as the vehicles which carry out the tactics, fulfilling the strategies. 

Marketing tools are a broad subject such, but the main ones that bring tradies success are print, digital media, loyalty programs, referral programs and having a high-quality website.

Marketing for Tradies – Choose the right Tactics

As mentioned above, tactics are the actions you take to achieve your goals such as increasing sales, getting more leads and improving brand awareness. In the trades industry, where services are the primary products of businesses, tactics will differ from product-based businesses. Here are some tactics that our tradies have implemented and gained success.

  • Join Trades Shows as both a tradie and as a client – this will give you an overview of the competition in the market, know what actually differs you from them and how you can implement ideas to become the peoples choice.
  • Start email marketing campaignsthis will keep your current clients updated about the company, you can offer deals and new services and you can potential clients. It also is a great way at staying fresh in people’s minds so when they need services your business is who they think of. 
  • Consistently post on social media and update the website – this will increase your visibility online giving you a higher chance of magnetizing more leads. It also creates great engagement with clients and potential clients. 
  • Launch referral programs – this tactic will let your current clients do the marketing for you because they will get an incentive when they successfully refer a new client to you. People are more likely to engage with a service recommended by family or friend then one they just read about online. 
  • Invest in content and paid ads – Content is king when it comes to sales. If your ad or website and competitors’ websites are being compared, the messaging and content can make all the difference. 

The development and understanding of marketing strategies and marketing tactics specifically designed for tradies is just a fraction of what we at TradesFormation provide to our clients during the business coaching sessions. The business coaching program covers all major areas of business management from marketing to accounting and finance.  

To learn more about our business coaching programs and other digital marketing services, click here to contact us.

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