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September 30, 2021

In the business world, sales play a vital role in achieving success. Generally, sales are defined as the exchange of goods or services for an amount of money. However, in actual fact, sales are not as simple as the definition might seem, and are actually quite a complex process. 


At TradesFormation, we have designed a sales coaching program for tradies to take. This program aims to educate tradies on the specifics of sales relative to the nature of the trades industry. We’ve formulated this program for tradies with little background in business management, to enable them to get a firm grasp of essential sales teachings. These teachings can be implemented to achieve success in their trades business. 


Below is an overview of the topics or subjects that will be discussed when tradies sign-up for the Sales Coaching Program at TradesFormation.


Overview of The Program

Tradies who sign-up for the sales coaching program at TradesFormation will undergo a rigorous 28-week program with formidable coaches to learn the ins and outs of sales in this industry. So what should you expect?


Sales Essentials

The first part of the program is a 12-week course whereby the coaches will introduce and tackle the Pricing Matrix, Labour Rate Calculator, and the infamous 7 Steps to a Profitable Sale. During this period, the coaches will discuss these subject matters in-depth, to jumpstart improving the business’ sales process. 


The Pricing Matrix will help tradies determine the right level of pricing or rates for their service offerings. The pricing matrix is essential for business owners to ensure that the trades business makes a good amount of income for a specific period. It’s also an excellent tool to determine the wiggle room for price promotions such as discounts and free service offerings for marketing purposes. 


The Labour Rate Calculator is another tool that will determine how much you should be paying your employees or tradies. The salary of the workforce gets a chunk of the net sales of the business, so it is crucial to determine the salaries and wages of each employee for the amount of labour or work they are contributing to the business. 


The 7 Steps to a Profitable Sale is an essential course for tradies to understand and adequately implement their sales process. This course will tackle the sales process, from presenting yourself or your business to the clients, to closing the sale and getting feedback from the clients to use as marketing collateral. 


The Secret to Big Ticket Sales

After the 12-week course of Sales Essentials, the next step is to introduce and tackle the Secret to Big Ticket Sales. This is a 4-week course that will help tradies determine what will give them the highest sale or profit margin among their services. The big ticket sale can be determined in various ways, such as knowing how much the service rate is and how often people need it. 


Relationship of Human Behavior to Sales 

Understanding human behaviour is integral knowledge and skill that a tradie should know and have. Human behaviour plays a vital role in the trades business because human interaction is inevitable in the service-based industry. During this 4-week course, the coaches will introduce the tradies to the DISC Model. This test determines different behaviour patterns of people. By knowing this, tradies will have an overview on how to deal and interact with their clients and employees for the success of their business, which will overall lead to an improvement in sales.


Negotiation and Objections in Sales

In the service-based industry, objections or rejections are a regular occurrence; that’s why tradies need to know how to work around it and negotiate deals to improve sales of the business. In this 4 week course, coaches will introduce ways to cope with objections from clients and adequately negotiate with them to close the sale effectively. 


Understanding the Ability to Influence and Persuade

The last part of Sales Coaching with TradesFormation is the 4-week course tackling the Six Principles of Influence and Persuasion. In this final stage, there will be an in-depth discussion on the power of influence and persuasion in the closing of a sale, and leveraging it to attract more clients. 


So, sign-up now to be part of TradesFormation’s Sales Coaching program!


TradesFormation is a business coaching and training company based in Australia. We focus on helping tradies build their business by providing a solid business foundation through our coaching programs such as Sales and Business Coaching and Bespoke Business Consultancy. Recently, we have launched another set of services to assist tradies with their marketing efforts through digital marketing and web development services. These marketing services are extremely beneficial to a business’ success, especially nowadays with the effects of COVID-19 on the industry. Your trades business will also have an advantage over its competitors by having a dedicated team who will foresee and execute digital marketing efforts. 


To learn more, you can reach us by calling 0480 009 598 or email us at learn@tradesformation.com.au.     

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