SEO: Expectations VS Reality

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May 14, 2021

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is something you may have heard of when it comes to website creation or online marketing. It has been age-old practice hailing back from when the Internet was fairly young. Banner ads are the oldest advertising method but they pretty much scream at you. SEO on the other hand is a subtle way of gathering an online audience which may lead to conversions whether that’s a lead or a sale. But it is a process and here are some enlightening tips when it comes to expectation versus reality.


Expectation: SEO is free.

Reality: Link exchange and tools.

SEO is free in the terms that you can appear on SERPS (Search Engine Ranking Pages) without having to pay Google (Adwords). But it is not free in terms of the tools required for the in-depth analysis for an effective SEO strategy as well as the cost of high-quality backlink acquisition (other websites posting articles that link to your website to improve your authority and rankings)).

Expectation: SEO brings high traffic.

Reality: High traffic volume is subject to popularity and ads.


Once a website optimised, it may put your site on the map but it does not guarantee a drastic influx of traffic. Years ago, when the online space wasn’t so crowded, SEO was highly effective, and social media (the number one source of traffic usually) was nonexistent. This is why it is recommended to have Adwords work hand in hand with SEO but since it isn’t cheap, FB ads are a cheaper alternative for many (depending on the popularity of the platform in the target country). Also, organic traffic may be high for some businesses/sites depending on the popularity of their brand already or depending on their industry (e.g. data experts or web development companies may have greater leads from organic search rather than FB ads compared to e-commerce industry having to persuade customers via ads that their products should be needed).

Expectation: SEO is easy.

Reality: SEO is a career on its own and takes dedication.

SEO is easy for a veteran and for anyone really willing to learn. The theory is easy to understand but the implementation for results may take time. The constant changes in the algorithm of Google and changes in products/tools whether from Google or not are the challenges SEO face. Various online SEO communities are available (e.g. FB groups, forums, etc.) to stay updated with the latest. As mentioned earlier, the implementation is the bumpy ride (backlink research, cold emails, fees, and content creation for guest posting). Free links via blog commenting can be done but it doesn’t have much bearing compared to years ago since blog comments usually do not allow anchor text links and have a no-follow attribute (this is an instruction for Google bots to not go through that link and crawl it).


Expectation: SEO guarantees rank #1 on keywords.

Reality: Yes, if it’s your brand keyword (unless that brand is a generic word to which Google will primarily rank the dictionary definition of it first).


If your brand name is, for example, “TradesFormation,” it’s easier to rank first on it as Google algorithm aims to serve that in order to be a credible and reliable search engine. But if your brand name is “Blue,” the dictionary meaning of it or the Wikipedia page about it will be at the top of the search unless you become a globally renowned brand like “Nike” instead of a webpage about the Greek goddess of victory ranking first on SERPs. It takes time to rank on keywords so it’s also best to refine those up to 10 at most that best serve your business. There are many keywords that have high search volume and competition so best to think about your keyword list critically in order to finally achieve some organic traffic and potential leads or sales.

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