The Best Training Styles For Tradies

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April 25, 2022

In order to create a happy and profitable work environment, trades business owners and managers should provide further education opportunities to their sales team. Unfortunately, the team often sees sales training as boring, but this happens when the wrong type of learning has been chosen.

There are different methods to upskill your team: On-demand learning, Live-Online learning, and traditional In-classroom learning.

On-Demand Training For Tradies

This learning strategy gives the learner access to all learning materials such as videos, questionnaires and templates at any time and anywhere. This means your team can study and review the training materials at their own pace and during their own time, like before or after working hours, on weekends or most importantly when they actually need it, just before a job.

Therefore, on-demand training is excellent for those who are time-poor, juggling work and personal life.

On-demand training has the advantage that when employees need information, they can access the learning portal and implement the knowledge immediately. This heightens the fact that learners can retain 90% of what they learn when they can use it immediately.

On-demand training is more affordable than other training methods. You won’t need to pay for employees to travel to the training premises or have to cover hotel expenses and meals.

Also, online training will boost your employees’ productivity; if they are better trained and have the proper sales techniques and processes, they’ll be more productive closing more sales, faster.

According to Forbes Magazine, “Every dollar invested in online training results in a $30 increase in productivity. Companies that use eLearning technology achieve an 18% boost in employee engagement.” [1]

Live-Online Training For Tradies

It is a classroom-based live online training weekly scheduled by the expert instructor or coach and can be attended from anywhere in the country .

Usually, only businesses located in Metro Zones could offer further development training, such as sales training to their staff. For instance, living in a rural zone makes it impossible to attend classroom training. However, your location is no longer a limiting factor with live-online training and all needed are a computer and a strong internet connection.

Live-Online training also allows for networking and interacting with peers across the country with other perspectives leading to further opportunities in terms of collaboration or partnership with other businesses.

The only limitation with Live-online training is that you can’t attend the course when you want or have time as it is scheduled at fixed times, and the cost is higher than on-demand training.

Traditional In-Classroom Training For Tradies

Traditional training refers to the pre-covid in-classroom course with lots of interaction among colleagues and the coach. However, because you need to be present in a physical classroom, you have to pull your employees off the job, which cuts into work time and money as well.

Traditional in-classroom training is more expensive than online alternatives in terms of costs. You have to pay for the course itself and pay the travel expenses of your staff, and you lose the revenue of the entire day as well. Plus there is the added hassle of wasted time driving to the training centre and looking for parking. It also offers poor options for creating safe and distance-constrained learning environments in a classroom.

However the biggest downside to classroom training is content retention, studies have found out that humans forget approx 50% of new information within an hour of learning it. That goes up to an average of 70% within 24 hours [2].


There is no doubt that by investing in training your staff, their levels of job satisfaction will grow. When you invest in staff training, it shows them that they are valued and gives them the tools needed to grow and feel confident at their job, be more profitable and provide better customer service.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), In 2020-21, 4.4 million Australians (23 per cent) aged 15-74 years reported doing work-related training in the past 12 months, and just over half of this group had done their most recent training online [3].

On-demand and live-online training is undoubtedly a huge cost saver for business owners, and using the internet to improve your staff’s skills is the best investment you can make in your business.

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