The Importance of Customer Experience to Tradies

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December 17, 2021

Customer experience is the way customers perceive the delivery of service of a business. It is the backbone of how your business thrives as poor customer service will be disastrous, while positive customer service is phenomenal. Customer is key, without them your business is just a bunch of empty services. It is why successful businesses are the ones that invest and understand the importance of excellent customer experience. 

Whether you are a small business or larger commercial entity, offering a unique and positive customer experience can give you an edge over the competition. To be more motivated, we have identified the top three benefits to offering a great customer experience and how important they are for a business to be a success.

Satisfies Clients

This goes without saying that the satisfaction of the customer is very important. AS a business you offer services, systems and communications that all feed into satisfying the customer. These are all elements to the customer experience and the better we fill the needs of the client, the more satisfied they will be. Customising the service will enhance how the customer views the experience.

Being in the service industry means that there is a lot of room to personalise the customer experience and that it can make or break clients satisfaction.


Satisfied clients can easily become your cheerleaders and provide “free” marketing assistance through word-of-mouth advertising. They will often refer or recommend you to their network and this is a great way to pick up more business. On the flip side, an unhappy customer can easily harm your business. Remember that people often remember the bad things more than the good things. So offering a unique and well systemised customer experience is crucial.       

Retains Clients

When the clients are happy, it is more likely you’ll retain their business. In the service-based industry repeat business is important. There are numerous competitors in the market and a one-off client is not guaranteed to be loyal. However, if you provide excellent customer service, you’ll likely convert clients into loyal return business. In most cases, the unique experience that you’ve added to your services is what your clients cling to and go back to.

Improve Sales

The end result of the first two points is that you’ll ultimately improve your sales. Great customer experience will lead to consistent, better quality and more common sales. Customer experience is worth all the money it may take to produce and set up a reliable system. The effects of an amazing customer experience are generally unquantifiable and take time to be visible on paper. However, the positive effects will certainly be noticed and if you are providing a negative customer experience, that too will be felt.

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