Why Is Investing In Training Important For Tradies?

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August 12, 2021

The industry where tradies such as plumbers, electricians, and builders belong is a highly competitive environment. In a highly urbanised area such as Sydney, there are thousands of service-providing business owners like tradies who have the same nature of the business but limited service offerings, limited wiggle room to add something into the mix of offerings, and worse, a limited number of customers and clients. This is why staying on top of the game can be challenging. 


In most cases, the go-to strategy is to touch bases with marketing professionals to help strategise advertisements and promotions because it is a proven way to boost business. However, there are other ways to be able to increase the sales of service-providing businesses and that is through consistent training, skills development, and education for everyone in the team. Oftentimes, business owners forget the value of this strategy and how the business can holistically benefit from providing training to the team. So let’s take a look at how tradie training or coaching program can transform your business.  


  • Empowerment

We have a saying that knowledge is power, that is why as human beings, we should continuously strive to learn. For tradies, continuous training, skills development, and education will empower your team and give your business an edge over competitors. As mentioned, the trades industry is very competitive and staying ahead of everyone else can be difficult because almost every business provides similar services. So, having solid training, coaching, and skills development will provide them with a great edge. 

In addition to that, when the staff member is provided with extra knowledge it provides confidence and as a result, they will be able to provide better services to the clients. 


  • Engagement

In a service-providing business, it is important to have communication skills because tradies directly work for their clients. Specialized training can help tradies improve this aspect to have better engagement with clients as well as to their coworkers. Training and coaching sessions with a purpose of improving communication skills will be very valuable because when the teachings are applied, tradies can have stronger relationships with the clients which can lead to loyalty. In this industry, loyalty to the business is very difficult to achieve because of the number of competitors that is why intangible skills should be honed. 


  • Company Culture

A steady and solid training for the team is also instrumental in building a company culture that is not only beneficial to the relationship of each member in the team but also to how the company or business is being perceived externally. By attending different training and coaching sessions, tradies will be able to build great branding for the business. Wonder how? It is because when the employees are happy, it will radiate to the quality of work they produce and provide to the clients and if the client is also satisfied, it is highly likely that you will be given good reviews be it online or by word of mouth. 


  • Satisfaction

In general, many job seekers apply to a job to satisfy and fulfill their goals and aspirations and as an employer, to be able to satisfy employees, one thing they can do is to provide training for the employees’ growth. Growth is one of the satisfactions of young employees nowadays that is why it is important for them to feel that they are growing and learning new things within the company and in return, most of these employees remain loyal to the business. This is a good bargain for the business because employee retention is a big issue. 

For example, plumbing business owners can enroll their team of plumbers to a seminar or training where they can learn how to use new technology in their field to be able to provide better service to the clients.


  • Return on Investment

Lastly, when investing in anything, as a business owner, you would expect a return on your investment and with training your people the right way, ROI will surely come in different forms. Most of the time it will reflect in sales figures but in some cases, it may reflect on different areas of your business such as the way the technicians work on the field while servicing the client. Regardless of how it was paid off, there is a sure return for the business with investing in training and coaching sessions. Importantly, the return for this kind of investment takes time as new information needs to be learned, practiced, and applied in the field. So, it is important to be patient in waiting for your results. 


TradeFormation is a business coaching company that provides education and learnings to business owners who are in need of guidance to lead their business to the top. We are offering 1-on-1 business coaching, grouped business coaching, sales tradie training, and more that will eventually lead to the success of your business when executed properly. 

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