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TradesFormation AU marketing for tradies

The Business

David established his maintenance plumbing business David Frith’s Quality Plumbing (DFQP) in 1994, in the Sutherland Shire. DFQP commenced the Tradesformation program in early 2018.

The Problem

Like many other plumbing business owners, David was on the tools, working 16 hour days, with only 2 apprentices to support him. He faced a massive wakeup call when in 2017 he was involved in a workplace accident that saw him hospitalised for 2 months, forcing his wife, Julie, to step in and run the business. It was during this time that David was able to reflect on the business, and he came to the conclusion that they needed to make a change.

TradesFormation AU how to improve sales
TradesFormation AU marketing for tradies

The Solution

By adopting TradesFormation’s strategies, David was able to transform his sales processes, making for a happier, and more profitable team. With the help of DISC behavioural training, he was able to empower his team to take on key selling roles in the business, and improve their professional and personal communication skills.

The Results

At end of financial year 2018, a year since joining the program, DFQP had increased their profit by a huge 30% since joining the TradesFormation program. Not only has the business’s profitability grown, but the team has grown in their strength and capability to continue on this trajectory.

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