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TradesFormation AU marketing for tradies

The Business

Daniel is the founder of Plumbmaster Plumbing, a maintenance plumbing business that has been based in Schofields, Western Sydney for the past 3.5 years. Plumbmaster started with TradesFormation in June 2019, this case study was conducted in January 2020.

The Problem

In the first half 2019, Plumbmaster was facing the very real prospect of bankruptcy. Despite a high volume of work, the absence of the right procedures and sales strategies meant that the business was operating at a loss. Inevitably, this resulted in the accumulation of a big debt, putting the business and more importantly his family under a lot of stress. If Daniel did not act soon, he risked going bankrupt and losing his family home.

TradesFormation AU how to improve sales
TradesFormation AU marketing for tradies

The Solution

Daniel knew he needed help to move the business forward in the right direction, and approached TradesFormation. On the program, he received qualified guidance on how to immediately implement the right strategies and tactics to turn around the business. Daniel’s drive to succeed, paired with the right business and sales education allowed him to overcome the hardships he was facing, and set his business on an upward trajectory.

The Results

In the 6 months since Plumbmaster joined the TradesFormation program, Daniel has transformed his business, and his personal life. Through a massive team effort, the business has:

  • Paid off almost $150, 000 worth of debt
  • Recorded their first 3 months of consecutive profit.
  • And compared to this time last year, they have recorded a 315% increase in profit.
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