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TradesFormation AU marketing for tradies

The Business

SPS Plumbing or Sydney’s Plumbing Specialists is a maintenance trades business specialising in plumbing works. The business was founded by Michael Alayan 10 years ago in Sydney, Australia. SPS Plumbers met with Adrian and the TradesFormation team about 4 years ago to take the business to the next level.

The Problem

Michael identified several problems within the business that were holding them back from the growth and success that he was after. The first problem that was identified was lack of security in terms of revenue or sales. The second issue was that there was a lack of leadership and structure within the organization. Lastly, they didn’t know how to effectively utilise sales and marketing strategies to generate quality leads that will convert into sales.

TradesFormation AU how to improve sales
TradesFormation AU marketing for tradies

The Solution

This is where TradesFormation came in. As mentioned, Michael raised the problems they are having in the organization and TradesFormation had the solution to his business dilemma. Michael undertook a range of coaching programs offered by TradesFormation focussing on Sales, Leadership, Systems and Processes and the 7 Steps to Profitable Sale. He brought his learnings from the programs to his company and passed it on to his team to help transform the company’s approach to sales and business.

The Results

After joining the TradesFormation program and the 7 Steps to Profitable Sale in particular, SPS Plumber’s average monthly turnover grew from about $30,000 – $40,000 to between $70,000 to $74,000. That is just about a 100% increase in profit. The team also learned the value of a motivated workforce and how incentivising the team could help the business tremendously. With Today, the company has implemented a number of key business systems and sales strategies over the years that they have worked with TradesFormation to grow from four employees to over fourteen.

TradesFormation business coaching for tradies sessions

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