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Assessment Progress

Now that you’ve completed the Business Assessment, what’s next? Submit your details below to receive your Business Report and find out the next action steps for your business. Plus, for a full debrief on your results and to discuss a more in depth strategy for your business to move forward with, select a time now to book in your free Strategy Session with Adrian.


You are clear, determined and persistent in your desire to succeed and profit, and you have a self-care plan in place to maintain your positive and professional mindset.

  • You have clear goals for yourself and your business in every area.
  • You focus on solutions rather than problems.
  • You have a stress management plan in place when you feel things getting tense.

You communicate clearly and effectively with all the key people in your business, you know and understand their behavioural models.

  • Your team using some type of behavioural measurement model e.g. DISC.
  • You understand and have a process to communicate to all staff when you have to either motivate them or discipline them.
  • You have a communication guide for your whole team to follow when communicating with your customers.

There is strong momentum in sales, driven by an effective sales process and a culture that all team members are responsible for sales.

  • You follow a written/documented sales process that is easy to understand and everyone can follow.
  • You have specific sales targets that you are committed to hitting – daily, weekly, monthly.
  • You engaged in regular sales training of some kind.

If you are focusing on both COD work and B2B work you have completed a simple yet powerful 1-page prospecting plan for acquisition of account clients like strata companies, day care centers and nursing homes which is used as you guiding reference when making prospecting decisions.


You have clear understanding of what numbers drive your business and a dashboard to review daily.

  • You have a budget for each business activity.
  • You continually measure your results against your projections.
  • You move quickly whenever there is a variance from your projections.

You have completed a simple yet powerful 1-page business plan which is used as you guiding reference when making business decisions.

  • You have defined your business’s core values that show your team and customers what your business stands for.
  • You have defined your business’s purpose statement which clearly states the reason your business exists.
  • You have a solid brand promise and or guarantees.

You have completed a simple yet powerful 1-page marketing plan which is used as you guiding reference when making marketing decisions.

  • You have determined your target market, Geographically, Demographically and Psychographically.
  • You have a clear message that resonates with your target market.
  • You have a documented process to reach your target market that is tested and affordable.

You have found your niche or area of the market where you are an authority and rarely compete on price?

  • You are selling, delivering and getting paid for your product or service.
  • You are earning a comfortable profit on sales.
  • Your customers are happy and refer your services to your ideal new customer.

You and your team function with high degrees of competence, capability and integrity.

  • You have a clear job and responsibility description for each function.
  • You have carefully selected and placed competent people in each important job.
  • There is no one in your business who you would not hire back again today if you had it to do over.

You are well organised, manage your time well, through the systems you have created and have measures of performance for each key job.

  • You always work on your most important tasks.
  • Everyone knows exactly what results are expected of them, and how they will be measured and rewarded.
  • Your team has an internal resource they can refer to when unsure of how to complete their responsibilities.